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  • 1988 UT Arlington B.A Political Science

Military Service: 

  • 1991 Commissioned Officer United States Navy

Graduate School: 

  • 1991 Texas Christian University (Brite Divinity School) Master of Divinity 

Post Graduate: 

  • 2009 Baylor University (Truett Theological Seminary) Doctor of Ministry

Community Boards: 

  • 2020 ~ Present Mayor of Mansfield Texas Place 1

  • 2007~2017 MISD School Board Member. President for 2 Terms  

  • 2008 President of Historic West Mansfield Texas Community Development Corporation (Bethlehem's Pioneer Place) 

  • 2016 ~ Present Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Advisory Board 

  • 2017 ~ Present Tarrant County College Board Trustee 

  • 2020 Baylor University Board of Regents (Audit-Finance Committee)

Awards and Accomplishments: 

  • Husband and Dad 37 years

  • Master Board Member (Texas Assoc. of School Boards) 

  • Mansfield Wall of Honor 

  • Senior Pastor Bethlehem Baptist Church 1991

I am an advocate for balanced growth and continued support of police in Mansfield.  Let’s make this a place where our children, senior adults, young professionals, teachers, and first responders, can call home.  Read More


Thank you Mansfield!

Mansfield City Mayor - Michael Evans hea

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support.  I would like to thank our entire team of individuals who have worked behind the scenes.  I would like to thank my wife and my entire family, the Bethlehem Church family, and each and everyone of you who have voted for me.  To those that didn't vote for me I would like to say we had some outstanding candidates for Mayor of Mansfield.  I definitely would like to thank Brent Newsom, George Fassett, and Terry Moore and I look forward to working with them in the future. 


We are blessed in the city of Mansfield to have a good team of people, throughout our community, who works toward the good of the citizenry.  I hope that while I get the opportunity to serve you, that I get to demonstrate to you that you are the first priority of the Evans administration. 

Congratulations to Juan Fresquez on joining the Mansfield City Council.  I look forward to working together with some outstanding individuals; Julie Short, Todd Tonore, Tamera Bounds, Larry Broseh, Brent Newsom, each of you who make up the Mansfield City Council.  We also look forward to working with our City Manager and his staff, Joe Smolinski.  I want to thank the former Mayor David Cook for the outstanding job he has done for our city and we look forward to working with him as our State Representative in District 96.

Again, thank you to the Citizens of Mansfield, our team and each and everyone of you who casted your vote.  Your participation in the process is important!


Mayor Michael Evans

City of Mansfield


Police & Fire

Higher Salaries/Better equipment for police and fire department


Public Safety 

New Public Safety facility

Prickly Grass

Land Use

Developed Future Land Use Plan 


Bond Rating 

  Fitch Ratings affirmed Mansfield's AAA bond rating  

Public Health 

A new healthcare alliance was formed with Texas A&M


Downtown Mansfield 

Developed new image for 

 Downtown Area



Re-zoned downtown for development


Bond Pay off 

With the help of the city staff, we have paid down city debt early

City Financials

Finance department earned award of excellence from (TASBO)



Re-imaged our economic development 


Mobility Independence

Developed mobility independence for seniors and adults w/ special needs

Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator


Developed a plan to decrease the tax rate and increase the homestead exemption rate


CDBG Allocation

We worked to add sidewalks to previously underserved neighborhoods around town


Pastor (Dr.) Evans is known as a bridge builder, consensus maker, innovator, motivator, and leader…While he knows that he is still a work in progress, here are …


Reasons to Re-elect Michael Evans to a full term as Mayor of Mansfield Texas:


  1. As promised, Evans as Mayor, led the effort to revise the City of Mansfield’s Vision Statement and develop the Core Principles of Noteworthy Essentials to include, Organizational Excellence, Remarkable Experiences, “Together as One” principals, and a Healthy Economy. He leads the council and staff in weighing decisions against these Core Principles and has encouraged the council and staff to work toward becoming a World Class Hometown.

  2. Initiated the “Mansfield First” Business Initiative for businesses owned by Mansfield Residents and Women and Minority owned Enterprises.

  3. Led the effort to encourage a complete rendering of a New Public Safety Facility for Mansfield’s Nationally Acclaimed Police Force.

  4. Led the effort to purchase a long needed “Air and Water Truck” for our city’s heroic Fire Fighters.

  5. Led the effort to enhance the dialogue and partnership between the city and MISD.

  6. Led the effort to protect the City and the School District’s long term fiscal integrity by taking a proactive stance on the development with the city’s ETJ (Extra-territorial jurisdiction), Ellis County and The Reserve. 

  7. Fought to save MISD $10.5 million dollars a year in lost revenue by working to negotiate the purchase of valuable property located in the Reserve that will supply funding for the city and citizens for years to come.

  8. Actively serves as an essential teammate with city staff and council in promoting the city nationwide; working to entice businesses and developers to relocate to Mansfield in order to help lower the tax burden on our residents.

  9. Leads the effort to encourage staff and council to continue efforts to revitalize and re-energize downtown.

  10. Partnering with “The Mansfield Veterans” 501-C3 to champion the cause for building our city’s own Veterans Memorial to be located at Julian Fields Park

  11. Leading the charge with fellow council members to encourage our residents to approve the construction of a world class multigenerational recreational and whole health facility (The Big Mac) to include an expanded public library, exercise, and wellness space, second to none.

  12. Serving as a regional advocate for our public roads and thorough fares as a member of the Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition’s Executive Committee.

  13. Encouraged the change in mindset and culture with MEDC (Mansfield Economic Development Corporation) leadership causing our recruitment of business and industry to embrace the City Council and Mayor’s innovative initiatives on Mansfield growth.  

  14. Worked with local non-profits and city staff to develop an organization to offer relief for person’s victimized by the “Winter Storm.”

  15. Fighting for the well-being of our residents locally, statewide, and nationally to ensure that our citizens are the priority no matter who they are, not red or blue but MANSFIELD STRONG!


Mayor Evans, fully understands that no one person can do anything without the help of a great team of fellow councilpersons and a talented staff. The words of John Quincy Adams are more appropriate for continual efforts of a good leader:  “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” (John Quincy Adams)

  • Are you for more apartments?
    I want to press for the construction of townhomes and neighborhoods with different lot sizes, that will help to promote the construction of homes at varied price points, making homes easier to purchase.
  • What is your stand on property taxes? And what are you going to do about this problem?
    I think that property taxes are too high and in the midst of the present crisis the citizens should believe and know that their mayor is lobbying the county to adjust the rate lower. I believe that our voices matter when we stand united against such issues and we do that by speaking up and speaking out. The more we (city) work toward economic development the less of a tax burden the citizens should bear.
  • Are Mansfield Police Officers residents of Mansfield and if not, why?"
    Many of the Mansfield police officers say that they cannot afford to live in the city. A council person said that if you cannot afford a $300k house you need not live in Mansfield...That is unacceptable leadership. I hope to change that mentality as Mayor.
  • What do you think of the BLM organization? Do you denounce the lawless way they conduct themselves?
    I often say to people that you must not confuse the BLM organization with the personal statement: When I say “Black Lives Matter,” I am referring to my sons, myself and my fellow brothers and sisters who have been victimized, marginalized, mistreated, criminalized and oppressed in the past and even now in the present. I cannot speak to the tenets of the BLM organization because I have no affiliation. I am Black, a Christian, a husband, a veteran, a dad, a son and a servant.
  • Are you running as a republican or a democrat?
    I learned more than 30 years ago that I am only responsible and held accountable for my actions. A true servant is called to represent all stripes of people, whether they like you or not. These are the same qualities that I want to see in my elected officials, therefore I am called to do the same. I will be the Mayor of Mansfield, not to "Red" or "Blue" but "All." Furthermore, the Texas Secretary of State and the Mansfield City Charter state that a candidate for local office cannot run as a democrat or republican. For more information on this subject visit
  • Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?
    I believe in “Life” and ultimately “Eternal Life."
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