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I am an advocate for balanced growth and public safety in Mansfield.  Let’s make this a place where our children, senior adults, young professionals, teachers, and first responders, can call home.  I will champion “Smart Growth” to include master-planned housing developments with multiple price points, in tranquil community settings.  I will emphasize that these developments should generate sufficient tax revenue to pay for themselves. Let’s make this a place that accommodates all of its citizens, so that everyone can enjoy the amenities of our great city!
Keep Mansfield Great, as we continue to grow...
A great place to live

Vibrant, growing cities will naturally attract restaurants, service providers and other retail developments that we all enjoy.  I will also encourage City management to work with our Economic Development Corporation to actively pursue “clean” commercial companies to occupy our large amounts of undeveloped industrial land.  This will help lower the tax burden for our citizens.

A great place to play

I will continue to encourage our City Manager and Staff to forge ahead with expanding our parks and recreation system.  I will advocate for growth that includes robust downtown activities and recreation venues that are fun and inviting for the whole family. I support more opportunities for citizens to enjoy the  beautiful landscape that is Mansfield Texas "Tree City" USA. 

A great place to learn

I believe the city’s strategic partnership with the Mansfield ISD is significant and has paid great dividends.  My previous experience as School Board President, and the relationships I have developed, will help to continue this vital relationship.  I will also continue to promote and build our relationship with Tarrant County College, UTA, and TCU, which brings highly skilled citizens to our area that relocating corporations demand.

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  • Are you for more apartments?
    I want to press for the construction of townhomes and neighborhoods with different lot sizes, that will help to promote the construction of homes at varied price points, making homes easier to purchase.
  • What is your stand on property taxes? And what are you going to do about this problem?
    I think that property taxes are too high and in the midst of the present crisis the citizens should believe and know that their mayor is lobbying the county to adjust the rate lower. I believe that our voices matter when we stand united against such issues and we do that by speaking up and speaking out. The more we (city) work toward economic development the less of a tax burden the citizens should bear.
  • Are Mansfield Police Officers residents of Mansfield and if not, why?"
    Many of the Mansfield police officers say that they cannot afford to live in the city. A council person said that if you cannot afford a $300k house you need not live in Mansfield...That is unacceptable leadership. I hope to change that mentality as Mayor.
  • What do you think of the BLM organization? Do you denounce the lawless way they conduct themselves?
    I often say to people that you must not confuse the BLM organization with the personal statement: When I say “Black Lives Matter,” I am referring to my sons, myself and my fellow brothers and sisters who have been victimized, marginalized, mistreated, criminalized and oppressed in the past and even now in the present. I cannot speak to the tenets of the BLM organization because I have no affiliation. I am Black, a Christian, a husband, a veteran, a dad, a son and a servant.
  • Are you running as a republican or a democrat?
    I learned more than 30 years ago that I am only responsible and held accountable for my actions. A true servant is called to represent all stripes of people, whether they like you or not. These are the same qualities that I want to see in my elected officials, therefore I am called to do the same. I will be the Mayor of Mansfield, not to "Red" or "Blue" but "All." Furthermore, the Texas Secretary of State and the Mansfield City Charter state that a candidate for local office cannot run as a democrat or republican. For more information on this subject visit
  • Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?
    I believe in “Life” and ultimately “Eternal Life."
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